“Ok I’m here. Entertain me.”

Whoa there cowboy, I thought it’d be nice to get to know each other first. We want to tell you what we’re all about!…and distract you from the fact that there is no play button. 

So where’s the music? Are you guys playing anything right now? Are you on air right now?

No. We’re a club that’s been pushing pretty successfully for having a campus radio here. So far we got funding from the SAF and we’re currently in the progress of finding the appropriate space for our station.

How will I you listen to you guys?

In the future you can listen to us here at kuwb.org. Sign up so you can get the latest news. And once we get all the required equipment and space we will definitely be having a launch party for it.

What kind of music do you play?

We’re free to any suggestions. It will ultimately reflect the students involved with the club. We have members with tastes ranging from indie rock to underground hip hop. We’ve also been keeping an ear on the local music scene.

Is this for students only?

In terms of being directly involved with the station: Yes. We have advisors but our goal is to have this station run entirely by students. Anyone is obviously free to listen.

How can I join. Is there any criteria?

You have to be a student. We have positions for students interested in being involved with the music, technical programming, or the promotions field of our radio station.

Sounds cool.  Can I be a DJ? What does it mean to be a DJ?

As a DJ, you’ll have sole responsibility of the music during a certain time of day. With our set up you can play your own choice of music at the convenience of wherever your personal computer is. We won’t let just anyone just instantly become a DJ. But joining our club would be a definite first step. Your taste in music shouldn’t only be what we already hear on the radio constantly.

Can I suggest music?

Yes! You can click on the link Submit Work or email us at info@kuwb.org.

Do you guys need sponsors?

We’re certainly interested. Feel free to suggest any sponsors.

 When and where do you guys meet.

We informally meet on a weekly basis. The club president sends out emails about the next meeting times and the members put a vote to what time best works for them. We usually meet in a library room.

So…when are you planning to actually be on air?

Our goal is to launch our station middle of this quarter.

Dang why does it take so long?

The Student Technology Fee and Services and Activities Fee Committees go through a long but necessary process over their budgets in order to best serve the UWB students. And the limited space on campus is something that many different campus causes negotiate over.

 What can I do to make things faster?

You can sign up! Follow us on facebook or twitter. Spread the word. Suggest music to us. Being able to show that many students are interested in our cause would certainly motivate those in positions of power to make things easier for us.

Well I hope this little FAQ sheet helped you show what we’re all about. We’re really excited about all the potential a campus radio could offer to a fast growing campus and feel free to ask anything from us.


-Paul Kim



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